Welcome to Svadhyaya । स्वाध्याय

Svadhyaya | स्वाध्याय, is a youth-led and change oriented collective, which enables people from different walks of life to come together and share their concerns about the issues which face the world today.

At Svadhyaya, we endeavor to create an inclusive and non judgmental space, where people can empathize with each other and collectively work towards promotion and protection of human and environmental rights.

About Us

Our Beliefs

Svadhyaya । स्वाध्याय:

The change begins from Self, is a
youth-led organization which aims to protect
and promote Human and Environmental
It’s a safe and inclusive space which offers
unbiased help to people from different walks of
life, to share their concerns and work on them
It firmly believes in the saying “ For a better
tomorrow, actions ought to be taken today “.
Therefore, we stand strongly determined to bring
positive change and contribute to the betterment
of our society.

How You Can Help

Take Action

Launching Our Project Planet Heroes on 22 April 2020, Earth Day. This program is for every individual, who wishes to contribute to a greater good of our planet, by making easy lifestyle changes. This Program, helps by providing Practical Solutions and Peer Mentorship Support, which enables you navigate your lifestyle changes with ease. We understand, that making sustainable choices can be very hard sometimes, hence, we bring to you, a specially curated Plan of Action Toolkit, which contains various resources to make your transition smooth. Our Peer-Mentors are extremely dedicated set of volunteers, who wish to create an impact and help undo the damage to the earth. Peer Mentors would follow up with all the fellows every month to ensure a track on their progress and to understand what difficulties are faced due to transition towards sustainable lifestyle.

Become a Volunteer

You can get involved today by becoming a Volunteer. Sign up and you will be joining a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of children


What People Say

The meeting was very informative and a lot of fun. Thank you for creating this group, I also really enjoyed being a member of this group and I found it really nice that you guys have created this group amid your own studies and assignments.

Omisha on Kids & Quarantine

It was really our pleasure to attend this webinar under the guidance of great and loving people like you. It was really a nice experience to share our feelings and experiences with you all and I’m sad also that I was not able to attend it till last because of network problem, But really want many more webinars like this. Believe me I really loved it.

Vedanshi on Kids & Quarantine


Recent Causes

  • Join Svadhyaya Junior
     🌻 ATTENTION 🌻We’ve opened registrations for our junior team.🍃🌍🌍 So, if you or your friends are interested in joining our team please go and signup using the link.🌳 Click here to Register Now! Age Criteria: 12 years – 17 years of age #svadhyayajunior #registrations #lgbtq🌈 #savetheplanet #veganwednesday #education #awareness
  • Webinar : Understanding the Rainbow 🌈
    Date & Time –27 June 2020, 6 PM to 7:30 PM IST &28 June 2020, 5 PM to 6 PM IST This pride month, let’s take responsibility to educate and sensitize ourselves. Understanding The Rainbow, is a webinar series organised to promote healthy and safe discussion about LGBTQAI+ community and the struggles they face. ThisContinue reading “Webinar : Understanding the Rainbow 🌈”
  • No Land. No Rights.
    It was world refugee day few days back. As per the UN data, with approximately 70.8 million people as refugees (and counting), our world is witnessing an unprecedented crisis of mass persecution of homeless people worldwide. Nobody wishes to flee from their homes until their lives and existence are at stake. People flee to otherContinue reading “No Land. No Rights.”

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